Yan Lee

Yan Lee’s Artist Statement. You see my pictures, and you want to see the trees. You see the trees, and you want to see my pictures. I let these trees live in your home. The famous and historic trees symbolize longevity, loyalty, peace, and survival. My mission is to paint/draw as many of these important trees as I can to preserve their image and beauty for all time. When I paint/draw and enjoy theses trees I am revived and learn patience, perseverance, and organization from them. I became enamored with “The Century Tree” on the Texas A&M University campus that has shaded tens of thousands of Aggies since 1898, where I attained a doctoral degree. I vowed to draw it for posterity. This experience was so personally overwhelming that I resolved to search out and immortalize the big trees in America. There are many big trees in America that are of historical significance. Each tree is unique and has its own story and personality. I think of them as individuals. I do attempt to express the personality, emotion, and feeling of the tress instead of myself. I can be reached at Big Tree Studio, 9110 Memorial Trail Drive Spring, TX 77379. E-mail address is yanlee@bigtreestudio.com. Telephone is (281)251-9453. My website: www.bigtreestudio.com.

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Spring, TX