Richard Wilson

Inspired by my family and the beauty of the southern landscape. I often look for interesting composition within my subjects. When creating my art, I sketch my subject with hard pastel then I fill in the details with layers of soft pastel on Wallis sanded pastel paper.. My pastel paintings are a way of telling a story about the subjects optimism or introspection, their innocence or wisdom, their grace and complexity. Some of my paintings are nostalgic, some express those human connections that are only found within the family, and some express their challenges. I produce visual imagery that forms intriguing illusions and relationships between my objects when light, shadow, and forms merges. My art capture those moments that transcend the personal and can reach a broad audience. In all my paintings there is warmth and discretion. My images are meant to empower and inspire all those that witness them, which also happens to be the creative pulse behind my body of work.

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Greenville, NC