Kristy Jarvis

My sculptures are a glimpse into a magical world where animals live lives similar to our own. I imagine they have unique personalities and interests with a subtle sense of humor. They enjoy a good cup of coffee, sweet treats, and celebrating everyday things. They are whimsical with charming expressions reminiscent of characters you might find in storybooks you read as a child or read with your own little ones. I usually work on a few sculptures at a time, drawing most of my inspiration from my children and the stories we read, nature, and the simple joys around us. I start with a sketch or concept and create a basic form using wood, cardboard and other upcycled materials. Then I add details and refine features by sculpting with layers of clay and paper mache techniques. After drying for a couple of days, I bring them to life with layers of acrylic paint. While I have an idea of what each character will look like, IÕm always amused to see their personalities emerge throughout the process.

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Emerging Artist

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Arlington, TX 76016