Festival-goers get top-quality food and drink choices from twenty-three restaurants to satisfy almost any taste bud.

Culinary Arts

2019 Culinary Artists will be posted on March 15!

We’ve Got a Menu as Big as Texas!

Whether it’s crawfish, turkey legs, bratwurst, gourmet hamburgers, funnel cakes or ice cream, festival-goers have choices to satisfy almost any taste bud. Coke products, fresh-squeezed lemonade, fresh blended smoothies, Michelob Ultra beer, frozen and unfrozen margaritas, Mojitos and wine selections from The Wine Group and Chloe Wine Collection complement a wide variety of food throughout MAIN ST.

Be sure to explore all of our food areas, because they’re all different! Don’t miss our North Food Court, featuring all of your festival favorites in a setting with picnic tables, street entertainment and more. Our MAIN ST.

Food Courts with plentiful seating are located at

  • 2nd Street (North Food Court)
  • 5th Street (the Central Food Court of the Festival)
  • 6th Street
  • 7th Street
  • 8th Street (South Food Court)

Why Not Wine?

Brand New Wines and Location for 2018! Be sure to stop by the Pavilion in Sundance Square Plaza for the “Wine Experience,” presented The Wine Group and Chloe Wine Collection. Featuring a complete wine tasting experience throughout the festival.

The Wine sommelier conduct the sessions, and wine by the glass will be available. Stop in for a quiet respite and enjoy!


Check out our incredible array of beers, both domestic and imported, provided by official sponsor Anheuser-Busch.

The “Craft Brew Garden,” located under the trees with a view of the UTA Main Stage, featuring local and national brews. And we’ve got 13 more taps in our Craft Brew Pavilion at Main and 2nd Streets!

Get Your Coupons

All food and beverage service is redeemable by coupon only. Coupons can be purchased at booths located conveniently throughout the festival.

Most coupon booths accept both credit cards and cash, and ATMs are plentiful around Downtown.

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Participating Restaurants

Please check out our culinary experts!

You better come to MAIN ST. hungry! You’ll find an incredible range of delicious cuisine of all kinds. Check out the 2018 full menu below.

Avalance of Flavors aka Snowie of Texas F1, F7
  • 48 oz shaved ice snow cone
  • 512 oz shaved ice snow cone
  • 616 oz shaved ice snow cone
  • 720 oz shaved ice snow cone
  • 48 oz hot chocolate (weather permitting)
  • 48 oz hot apple cider (weather permitting)
Baja Smoothies F1, F3, F5, F7
  • 8Fresh Fruit Smoothies, 16 oz
Big Al's Pizza F1
  • Oven Baked Pizza - Pepperoni, Sausage, Cheese
  • 7Slice
  • 15Whole
  • 1Additional Toppings
  • 8BBQ Brisket Sandwich
  • 7Smoked Sausage on a Stick
  • 2Chips
Bobby's Fajitas F3
  • 5Fajitas, Beef or Chicken
  • 10Fajita Nachos
  • 10Fajita Quesadillas
  • 6Bean & Taco Meat Burrito
  • 5Stuff Jalapeño Peppers (5)
  • 5Cheese Nachos
  • 6Tamales (3)
Buttons F5
  • Food and Music for the Soul
  • 10Shrimp and Gritz
  • 10Pot Roast Sliders
  • 12Chicken w/Waffle bites
Crawfish Connection F7
  • 8Jambalaya
  • 8Gumbo
  • 8Smoked Gator Sausage
  • 8MAIN ST. Special (Gumbo over Jambalaya)
  • 12Crawfish Plate
  • 532oz Texas Tea
Crepe Crazy F3
  • 10/11Ham & Cheese (bacon +1)
  • 10/11Turkey Avocado (bacon +1)
  • 10/11Mediterranean Medley (chicken +1)
  • 11Chicken Pesto
  • 9S'Mores (strawberries +1)
  • 9/10Dulce de Leche Turtle (strawberries +1)
  • 9/10Nutella Banana (strawberries +1)
  • 10Sweet Delight (banana +1)
Cristi & Ali Greek Cuisine F7
  • 11Gyros
  • 11Garlic Parmesan Curly Fries
  • 11Chicken Basket
  • 8Red Velvet Fried Oreos
  • 6Flavored Fresh Lemonade or Tea
Dipin Dots F1, F3, F7
  • 6Ice Cream 5 oz.
  • 10Ice Cream 9 oz.
Doc's Grill F3
  • 10Grilled Chicken/Stick (Brbn/Jam. Jerk)
  • 9Grilled Wings (BBQ, Jam. Jerk, Orig.)
  • 8Sausage on a Stick
  • 9Shrimp on a Stick
  • 7Island Veggie Fried Rice
  • 10Grilled Beef on a Stick
  • 14Chicken or Sausage w/Fried Rice
  • 4Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (small)
  • 6Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (large)
Fletchers Corny Dogs and Funnel Cakes F1, F7
  • 9Original Corny Dog
  • 9Jalapeño Cheese Dog
  • 9Funnel Cake
  • 5Lemonade 16oz.
Funnel Cake Fries F1
  • 7Funnel Cake Fries
German Kettle Corn F1
  • 81 large bag
  • 142 large bags
  • 203 large bags
  • 5Iced Tea 32 oz Fresh Brewed
Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken F7
  • 11White meat with fries
  • 9Dark meat with fries
  • 5Breast
  • 4Thigh
  • 3Wing
  • 3Leg
  • 3Fries
Joe Riscky's Barbeque F1
  • 12Oak Smoked Tenderloin Sliders
  • 10Sausage stuffed with jalapeño and cheese wrapped in bacon then smoked "Sausage Bomb"
  • 8Pit Master's Mac & Cheese
Leisure Foods, Inc. F1, F7
  • 5/6Hot Dog/with chili
  • 8/9Hamburger/with cheese
  • 6Nachos or Frito Pie
  • 12Smoked Turkey leg
  • 8/9Sausage on a stick/or bun
  • 5/7Lemonade-Sm/Lg
  • 5Sno Cone
  • 6Cotton Candy
  • 3Potato Chips
  • 3Pickle
Little German Kitchen F3
  • 10German Sausage Sandwiches 1/3 lb sausage
  • 10Smoked sausage on stick. Jalapeño or Regular
  • 14German Plate Dinner
  • 8Bavarian Creme Puff
  • 8Stuffed Pretzel/Sweet Cream Cheese or Jalapeño Jack
  • 7Soft Bavarian Pretzel
  • 6All Beef Hot Dog 1/4 lb
Lone Star Cinnamon Roasted Nuts F7
  • Pecans, Almonds, Cashews
  • 81 bag of nuts
  • 152 bags of nuts
  • 5Caramel Popcorn
  • 5Cheese Popcorn
  • Tutti Frutti
Nestle Toll House Cafe F2
  • 6Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 3Mini Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 6Toll House Specialities
  • 3Toll House Cookies
  • 3Nestle
McKinney Food Services F3
  • 8Jumbo Corn Dog
  • 6Regular Corn Dog
  • 8Fresh Funnel Cakes
  • 6/8Lemonade
Schmidt's Of German Village F7
  • 10Bahama Mama 1/3 lb spicy smoked sausage made of beef and pork
  • 10Bratwurst 1/3 lb pure pork sausage
  • 5Jumbo Frankfurter 1/5 lb beef and pork hot dog
  • 4German Potato Salad, Old World vinegar based recipe
  • 2Hot Sauerkraut
  • 8Jumbo Cream Puff, 1/2lb vanilla stuffed puff pastry
  • 6Tea/Sweet Tea
  • 14Dinner Platters include German Potato Salad and Sauerkraut
Spudzilla Potatoes F1
  • 8Ribbon-cut potatoes, deep fried
  • On the Side:
  • 2Cheddar cheese sauce
  • 2Real Bacon bits
  • 1Ranch
  • 1Jalapeño
  • 14Toppings all the way
  • 4Fresh Brewed Iced Tea, sweet/unsweet, 24 oz.
Taste of Cuba F7
  • 10Cuban Sandwich
  • 10Cuban Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • 4Beef/Chicken Empanadas
  • 7Sausage on a Stick
  • 8Jalapeño Cheese Bratwurst
  • 8BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • 7Funnel Cake Fries
Texas Skillet F4
  • 14Cowboy Burrito: skillet potatoes, steak and cheese in a 10" tortilla
  • 16Vaquero Burrito
  • 11Sidekick Burrito: skillet potatoes and cheese in a 10" tortilla (vegetarian)
  • 11Grilled Steak Sandwich: shaved steak and cheese on a bun
  • 13Steak Sandwich Platter
  • 11Cowboy Nachos
  • 6Skillet Grilled Hot dog: 1/5 lb all beef hot dog
  • 632 oz fresh tea: sweet/unsweet/peach/raspberry
Thai Tina's Restaurant F4
  • 42 Egg Rolls
  • 51 Fresh Springroll, Choice of Chicken or Tofu
  • 62 Grilled Chicken or Beef Satay (Chicken on a stick)
  • 55 Crab Rangoon
  • 12Combo, choose any 3
  • 8Red Curry with Chicken or Vegetarian
  • 4Thai Ice Tea
  • 4Thai Ice Coffee
The Original Corn Roast F1, F7
  • 5Roasted Corn
  • 5Corn in a Cup
  • 9Baked Potato w/chop beef
  • 2Dill Pickle
  • 5Apple Slices w/Caramel & Pecans
  • 5Sweet Tea or Lemonade
Woolley's Frozen Custard F7
  • 6Small Frozen Custard
  • 7Small w/ Topping
  • 8Large Frozen Custard
  • 9Large w/ Topping
  • 1Each Extra Topping