Melissa Schmidt

Every piece of glass is blown from a single tube of borosilicate glass. I use a torch to melt the tubes. Color is applied with frit, powdered glass or stringers (little strings of glass pulled from a rod) There are surprises inside the pieces of glass ; favored is film. I photograph old books, playing cards, bird-watching guides and dictionaries with a 35 mm camera. My dad was a photographer so it seemed a natural choice when imagery was desired. I insert the developed film. Another favorite is the paper cranes which I have learned to fold incredibly small. I prefer to work tiny. My mom made intricate doll houses while I was growing up and I think these worlds I create are borrowed from watching her. Cranes are symbolic of many positive and life affirming ideas like luck and existing on a higher mental plane. My jewelry is an extension of that. The palettes and compositions are visual, auditory, and tactile sensory desserts for the wearer and observer.

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St. Louis, MO