Liana Kyrk

For most of my work I choose to use oil paint on canvas with brushes. Although I work with graphite, charcoal, and pastel as well, I have found that oil painting as allowed me to fully explore the color spectrum as I please. Each of my pieces are composed of tiny details, something is always pulling your attention with every glance. I use a variety of large and small strokes; blending together differing colors in order to bring them forward to the eye. There is such a sense of intimacy that I develop with each piece of work as I take my time to enjoy the process and immerse myself in the subject. My subjects of choice are florals and portraits. I prefer to use a more realistic approach in painting them, but saturating their colors for a more vivid palette.
Color is beauty; the world is full of bright, vivid color. I love it. I strive to portray those colors in my work, in a variety of techniques and subjects. I want people to see colors in my work that they donÕt always notice when looking at that subject every day. Some of my favorite subjects are flowers, I am so enthralled by the color, the variety, and the shapes. There are so many colors and details that we donÕt usually notice when we walk through a garden or receive a bouquet. I love the way that light flows through petals and creates shadows, strong values, and intriguing shapes. Whenever I pass them, I canÕt help but take a pictureÉor ten. In addition to flowers, I enjoy portraits. It’s such an experience to be able to portray someoneÕs emotions and expressions, capturing them in that one moment. I want to change how people perceive the world around them, the every day things and people. I hope that after seeing my work, people will start to seek out these colors and notice the unnoticeable. I want people to see the beauty of our world.

Emerging Artist

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Saginaw, TX 76131