Kue King

With strands of wire and pliers, I create, curve, layer, and bend metal bundles into abstract sculptural forms. The pieces are not precisely sketched, but inspired by form and placement. I work with the golden ratio, the spiral of archimedes, with curves and branches known by many names. I try to sculpt as nature grows, as if wire could crystalize and spread into the universe. Almost inevitablly, bundles of wire yield woven layers and mirrored patterns, spreading and curving into emotional reactions of what we all find beautiful. With this medium and technique, I can be secure yet also live on the edge. I meditate to develop strength and confidence. I am never sure of the exact final form, but I build with a faith to yield something beautiful. People respond to my work in many different ways. It’s abstract, there is no right answer. An intellect may see the structure and pattern, a spiritualist may find the symbols and source they hold dear, a craftsman may reflect on the technique and puzzle of creation. They may see snowflakes, trees, flowers, a diamond, a twinkling star. A 10 year old seeing the shadows through by my work, mesmerized, “it’s the forest in the moonlight”. It’s all there, it’s the magic I strive to create.

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Woodbury, TN