Jara Lang

I’ve always been inspired by my 21-year military career as a science/technology planner, where I saw some of the worst and some of the best our world has to offer. My current worldview is informed by this rich and diverse combination of experiences. In my second career as an artist, I draw what I “see” in a landscape or still life, optimistically using a visual language others can interpret in their own way, through their own cultural lens. Regardless of the broader conflict in our world, I hope we all continue to have this in common—the ability to see beauty in our everyday surroundings.
The subject matter of my photorealistic style is often linked to the simple things in nature that move me. I love exploring color and texture, and to experiment with scale and unique compositions. My work has very little in common with the traditional “fruit in a bowl” still life, instead narrowing in on what makes each item uniquely beautiful. Every hike, every morning drive to work, every trip to the grocery store is a cacophony of color and texture—a playground of ideas that inspire my work.
The colors and shapes inform my compositions and my approach to scale, medium and substrate. I work hard to create detail and often work in colored pencil. I have found that a smooth paper or drafting film are perfectly suited to my precise strokes and desire to create smooth blends. I also love to work at a large scale and have found soft pastels ideally suited to work landscaped details.

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Fort Worth, TX 76116