Darrell Dulaney

As a little boy, I loved creating with my hands. My interest in using paper, started with Origami, and evolved into Paper Illustrations. I enjoyed being creative and stepping outside the box. Since 1975, my passion to create forms of art with paper lead me to attend the School of the Arts Institute in Chicago, Illinois. Even after 40-years I still feel I’ve just cracked open my potential to do even greater work. I love showing my artwork to children and youth, along with sharing my story of how I grow up. Being raised by a single mother, and the 2nd oldest of four children, it left me with little opportunity to purchase things to create my art. However, what it did do was spark my creativity with things around the house like, cereal boxes, cardboard, and paper, allowing me to be creative and displaying all types of art! Creating with my hands is no doubt my God given gift that allows me to share, and bring joy to others. As I continue to create, cardboard sculptures. Pop-up Books, and Paper Mechanics have also become one of my passions. https://www.darrelldulaney.com/

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Arlington, TX