Brenda Ciardiello

I am inspired by the ever-changing natural world around me. My landscape paintings depict how the surrounding light and natural elements that encompass a landscape – clouds, weather, seasons – can completely alter oneÕs experience of it — and inspire wonder. The drama of the clouds, the endless permutations of color in the ocean, the play of light on a botanical subject, are often the focus of my paintings. As my primary medium, watercolor lends itself particularly well to depicting the play of water and light with its translucent, and often serendipitous results. I employ the use of water ÒbloomsÓ and allow the natural ÒsparkleÓ of the white paper to shine through the pigment in order to create effects that uniquely capture the luminous qualities of sky and water. As an avid traveler, and someone who has moved a lot, my paintings are a way of personally connecting with all the places I visit and live. My hope is to inspire a similar sense of belonging and wonder for viewers. Through the intangible, mutable nature of sky and water, my paintings celebrate constant change in the familiar — and invite the viewer on an adventure.

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Fort Worth, TX 76107