Thank you! With the exception of a (very) interesting weather situation on Saturday (yeah, we suspended operations), thousands of people experienced nine blocks of incredible art, local and national entertainment and a beautiful Downtown. Stretching from Weatherford Street on the north to 9th Street on the south and all blocks in between, MAIN ST. serves up 18 blocks of food, fun, music and…art!

We’ll see YOU next year at Downtown at Texas’ largest, FREE, Music and Arts festival! And don’t forget to check out the 2019 Artist’s Gallery, showcasing artists who have participated in MAIN ST. through the years. Check out our 2019 Award Artists!

Dolan Geiman


Often perceived as paintings, Dolan’s art pieces are actually composed of hundreds of pieces of paper, cut by my own hands, and then affixed to a wood panel. All of the paper used for these collages comes from abandoned spaces–old factories, old farmhouses, warehouses, and materials found on the streets, and nothing newer than 1960. Once he has gathered up a pile of vintage materials, he sketches out an image on a board, then cuts and glues all of the papers to the surface.

His images often tell a story, and this year’s commissioned poster, available now online either signed or unsigned, was created for MAIN ST. and is printed on Mohawk Options cover paper stock courtesy of Olmsted Kirk Paper Company and printed by Cockrell Enovation. The 20″ wide x 28″ high poster was designed by Pinkerton Design, and is now available for shipment packed in a sturdy packing tube.

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