Welcome to the MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival! Featuring┬ánine blocks of incredible art, local and national entertainment throughout a beautiful Downtown, stretching along a brick-lined street filled with shopping, restaurants and entertainment from Weatherford Street on the north to 9th Street on the south. MAIN ST. serves up 18 blocks of food, fun, music and…art!

Applications are now open for the 2020 show through Zapplication.org, our online application system. With an esteemed jury panel set to meet in November, we encourage all artists interested in bringing their unique style, talents and creativity to a very welcoming (and buying) audience here in Fort Worth. Click here for more information!


Click here for more information


Welcome all visual artists! Applications are now open to submit your works for our jury, through Zapplication.org. Submit up to 20 applications of different bodies of work. The deadline is October 13, and the jury is November 4 and 5. Only 220 artists are typically selected.

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