Planning ahead and knowing what to expect is the key to having a great festival. This is our guide to help you out.


Festival Guide

Know Before You Go


Festival Map

Attendance is FREE (Please - No Pets!)

As always, it is FREE to attend the MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival, but we ask you to please leave your pets at home. Browse art, listen to music and enjoy a variety of street performances at no charge. Certain activities (such as MAIN ST. Creates!) and food and beverages do require coupon purchases from our conveniently located coupon booths.

Come early!  Artist booths close at:
- 8:00 PM Thursday through Saturday
- 6:00 PM Sunday

Free Water Stations

Leave your cooler of bottled water at home. To help support and raise awareness for water conservation, we've located free water stations around the festival. Simply bring your own water bottles and fill them up, or buy our commemorative, 28-oz, aluminum bottle with a BPA-free liner for only 10 coupons. It makes a great souvenir and you can refill it throughout the festival.  

Get Your Coupons 

Check out theLocations on the Festival Map! 

All food and beverage service is by coupons, which can be purchased either online or at coupon booths located conveniently throughout the festival. Coupon booths accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. ATM Machines are located conveniently throughout the festival. Coupons are non-refundable.

10 coupons:
$10.00 Individual coupons: $1.00. 

Save When You Buy Coupons in Bulk! 

Buy your coupons in advance, online and in bulk - and save! Purchase 24 strips and save $.50 per strip. Cash in on the savings and bring everyone Downtown!

24 strips (240 coupons), $228.00

Note: Sorry, but coupon purchases are non-refundable. Discount available in advance only through our online store. Please plan responsibly.

Cycle to the Fest!

Ride Your Bike to the MAIN ST. Arts Festival!

Bicycles Inc will park it for FREE at their Complimentary Bike Valet centrally located at 4th and Houston Streets. The Bike Valet is staffed by Bicycles Inc employees as well as volunteers from the outstanding bicyclists of Fort Worth Bicycle Association and Team Bicycles, Inc. #LetsRide

Bike Valet Hours: 

  • Thursday from 3:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Friday from 1:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Saturday from 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Sunday from 10:00am to 7:00pm.  

Fort Worth B-cycle - 14 Stations Near the Festival Zone!

Avoid the hassle of parking and ride B-cycle to MAIN ST.!  There are 14 bike-sharing stations conveniently located within walking distance of the festival. There’s no better time to try out Fort Worth B-cycle, the first bike sharing system in North Texas. You can also ride bike share from the T&P or Intermodal Transportation Center straight to the heart of Main Street. 

Check Parking and Street Closures.

Nothing can be more frustrating than finding your normal route through downtown is closed off or detoured. Before you make your way down to the festival, please check the latest parking information and list of street closures

Leave your car at home. See other ways to get to MAIN ST.

Dog Safety! Please, No Pets!

Unfortunately, MAIN ST. is not pet friendly. Pets are often intimidated by crowds and can react unpredictably. For the comfort and safety of all of our patrons, people with pets will be asked to leave the event area, which is enforced through city ordinance. All service animals are welcome.