2016 Award Winners

Congratulations to our Award Winners!

Our jurors have selected the following artists as Award Winners for 2016. Cash awards totaling $10,500 will be awarded to the winners in these categories, and they will be identified by award flags on Friday.  Make thee incredible artists your first stop over the upcoming weekend!

Best of Show John Deng Photography 602
Merit Maria Navarra Pino Fiber 314
Merit John Herbon Ceramics 720
Merit Brian Beam Ceramics 507
Merit Jeffrey Cannon Drawing_Pastels 315
Merit Richard Wilson Drawing_Pastels 520
Merit Samuel Yao Fiber 615
Merit Aaron Hequembourg Mixed Media 604
Juror Greg Davis Photography 330
Juror David  Conn Printmaking 318
Juror Lance Munn Wood 404
Juror Thomas Dumke Wood 814
Juror Pamela Summers Ceramics 303
Juror Paveen "Beer" Chunhaswasdikul Ceramics 515
Best of Show Emerging Danika Ostrowski Emerging Artist 361
Juror Louise Valentine Fiber 322
Juror Amy Gillespie Fiber 445
Juror Chris Rom Mixed Media 305
Juror Rey D'Alfonso Painting 528
Juror Marty Hulsebos Photography 619
Juror Christos Palios Photography 825
Juror John Costin Printmaking 722
Juror Robert and Tor Erickson Wood 805
Juror Marvin Blackmore Ceramics 803
Juror Ronna Katz Drawing_Pastels 505
Juror issan elkin Jewelry 324