Wayne Wilmoth

Wayne Wilmoth

The Artist

As a professional photographer for more than two decades, I specialize in large format and digital photography. I am self-taught and my interest in photography and love for the landscape draws me constantly to the national parks throughout the US. I research my subjects extensively, sometimes making many trips to selected areas waiting for just the right moment. My goal of “freezing a moment in time for others to enjoy” is the heart of my travels.

I continually expand my knowledge and skills by introducing new images each year. I take great pride in my creations, which bring years of enjoyment to all who view and purchase my photographs.

The Picture

The three dimensional landscape is created through the use of individually mounted picture panels set at different heights to form a beautiful floating scene on the wall.

Each picture panel is mounted on PVC. To protect the archive quality of the photograph, eighth-inch clear acrylic is mounted over each picture panel. The panels are mounted at five different levels on a PVC backboard with a half-inch to three quarters-inch depth between all pictures. The photo process used is large format and digital photography.

Each photo is digitally printed. All work is completed by the artist.




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