The Art

MAIN ST. artists weave a diverse blend of texture and shape down a "magnificent mile" of red bricks on Main Street and Sundance Square Plaza.


NOTE: Our artist's gallery below currently showcases all artists from 2004 through 2015.  The 2016 artists have been selected and the gallery is currently being updated to reflect our new lineup.  To get a sneak peek at our 2016 artists, please click here!

Under the white tents stretching along Main Street and the incredible umbrella canopies in Sundance Square Plaza, you will find the festival's "heart and soul," an enormous range of artworks — from sculpture to paintings, from the dramatic to the whimsical.  215 local, regional, national and international artists are here to personally talk you you about their work, and the environment couldn't be more pleasing to the senses.

Enjoy your stroll in Downtown as it's seen only once-per-year, and shop for that perfect work for your home or office.  Ask our artists about commissions.  Don't see something you like, but you know you'd like something from an artist?  Ask them if they would personalize their next work just for you.  

Join our Collector's Club, which provides an upgraded social experience during the festival, or support our artists through the purchase of fully-refundable, Art Purchase Gift Certificates.  Our goal is to bring art into everyone's life and connect directly to the incredible artists who are the best of the best.  Remember, 1400 applied to the show...and only 215 are selected. 

Our gallery has been designed specifically for MAIN ST., and for our customers.  You can browse by artist name, or by category, to see who will be joining us and to help you plan your visit.  The drop down menu to the right will take you to previous years, all the way back to 2006, in case you want to remember just who you chatted with in years' past.

Enjoy all that MAIN ST. has to offer!

Fine Art Showcase

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Collecting Tips

Get informed.

Popularity does not insure an artist will go up in value over the years. Spend time learning about art and individual artists instead of following the latest art trends or styles of the moment. While purchasing expensive pieces by already established artists is one method of collecting, it's certainly not the only way and not necessarily the most profitable way in the long-term.

Buy what you love.

The artwork you purchase will presumably be in your home for a long time.  Make sure you really love the artwork you buy and it will enhance your decor and add to your quality of life for years to come.

Be creative.

Think outside the box!  Here's an opportunity to express yourself with items of jewelry, clothing or household items that are hand-crafted by skilled artists.

There is no right way to collect art.

Each individual or collector has his or her own method of purchasing art, and it can vary from: buying bundles of art at one time, purchasing a select piece once every year or two, commissioning a favorite artist to create individual work with personal meaning, etc.  Find the style of collecting that best suits you and stick with that, but be sure to walk around MAIN ST. to get a feel for what might fit in best in your collection.

Ask questions.

Our artists won't hesitate to answer whatever questions you may have when considering the purchase of a work of art.  Provenance, condition, artist information, and history are all aspects of the piece that are very important to its value and your enjoyment of the work.