Craft Brew Pavilion

Awesome local and national brews and a few grand tastings!

On Tap!

Our "Craft Brew Pavilion" is located near the UT Arlington Main Stage with a great view of the performances in a shaded setting.  Twelve taps of local and national brews will be available, served up 16 oz for only 7 coupons, and 20 oz for 10 coupons.

The following will be rotated through our taps in the Craft Brew Pavilion (F5).

  • Coors Light
  • Blue Moon Belgian
  • Blue Moon Seasonal
  • Rahr Red
  • Rahr Ugly Pug
  • Rahr Blonde
  • Rahr Storm
  • Killian's Irish Stout
  • Lone Star Bock
  • Stella Artois

NOTE: Other domestic beer may be available at our booth located at 7th Street and Main Street, which opens at 6:30 PM on Friday evening.

16 oz - 7 coupons

20 oz - 10 coupons